Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Be Creative, think with your Heart.


CEO-Chief Executive Officer.In this blog I want to tell you how analogous is this world to entrepreneurship.

I always wondered why there are so many great people in this world.Great people who are invovled in shaping this world beautiful it may be celebrities,CEOs,Social workers etc..When I think about them in this world and compare with a company and its CEO its amazing.Its like people who are doing great things are project managers who are handling different kinds of projects like Social servicing,providing employment,inventing medicines for diseases like HIV/cancer.

People who are heading these services are just Project Managers in this world just like project managers in a Software Company.You might be thinking if these guys who are actually CEOs in this world are project Managers to a world then who is CEO to this beautiful world then definitely it has to be GOD.He is the CEO to the CEOs of this world.GOD is executing a beautiful company called EARTH and he has assigned greatest things to be done by the people who are CEOs to the great companies in this world and project Managers to the company called EARTH.As we cannot see/meet the CEO daily in the same way we cannot see the GOD but he is still executing this world.In similar fahsion you can correlate who are the team leads of this world,who are marketing people, who are HR people to this world etc.After comparing this world with company if I think about myself, then I am not doing anything great to makes this world beautiful nor am I a CEO to any company but still I feel proud about myself as I think myself as a Security guard to a beautiful company called EARTH protecting it from all the evil.

Be creative,think with your Heart........

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Being True....

Yesterday my brother got married,a happy event and also some of the touching moments in my life.I want you to know those moments with this blog.

My brother's marriage was going on and all of my brother's friends along with me were enjoying it.All of them are settled well in life some doing jobs in big companies,some pursuing their higher education and some doing their own business except for one guy whose age is 31 but doing nothing.He was very happy and was enjoying my brothers marriage to the fullest.I know that guy from my school days as I used to play cricket with my brother's team.He was a great fielder and we used to call him Jonty Rhodes.

I want to tell you some incidents of yesterday so that you can get some idea about him.We all went one day before of the marriage and my parents came on the day of marriage.My parents called us and we need to pick them up to our room.That guy and I went on foot to pick up my parents who were waiting for us in the car and we got into that car.Usually I dont remember routes and also that guy was there so I did not even try to remember.We started to go to our room and we went in the other lane and that guy was getting confused.He was getting so tensed and he was feeling so presurised to find the correct lane and that time my uncle called me to know where we are and after that phone call he was feeling more tensed and my uncle was telling the address but somehow we got into the correct lane.When we went to the room my brother's friends were making fun of him for not remembering the route and getting confused for the minor things but I know that how hard(real hard) he was trying just to find the correct lane.Not only this when we used to play cricket he used to dive for catches like anything and used to feel a lot if he misses the catch.

I dont know if I could able to completely describe him to you and even if my description is perfect I dont know how you are thinking about him but when I look at that guy the one thing that comes to my mind is being true, being true to find the correct lane, being true to dive like anything for catches.But the most saddest part is he doesnt have any work to do, he doesnt have money, he doesnt know what to do in his life and people make fun of him for not getting married at the age of 31 and make fun of him for forgetting the lane.I bet, the people who are making fun of him are far behind him in terms of "Being True" but they are smarter than him and are well settled in life.

These are the moments that I want to explain you and you might be thinking why I am putting this story of "Being True" in this entrepreneurship blog?Because when I was going through all these incidents I was questioning myself what can I do for him so that he can do the things without any doubts on himself.Then I thougt If I give him
some work which is simple and repetetive and pay money for that, wont he do? Ofcourse he will do it and he will do it with the same amount of passion which he puts for finding the correct lane and diving for the catches but can I do that at this stage, not just me can anybody who has same opinion about him do that?Here comes the words Entrepreneur or a Leader who can just give him some work and who can tell him doing work is nothing but just finding the correct lane or diving for catches.I bet he will do wonders in that work.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program

Though I could able to explain about Entrepreneurship theoretically in my previous blog I did not start up anything practically yet and I don’t want to give reasons or excuse myself for that.

Since we (software engineers) have lot of time on weekends I thought of utilizing a portion of it and wanted to spread Entrepreneurship awareness among school children. In an attempt to do so I went to my childhood school where I studied last Saturday and I took a session on Entrepreneurship for tenth class students and the response form the students was great.

There were 20 students in that school and I started session asking them two questions: their names and their ambitions. Ofcourse I did not bother much about their names but their ambitions did bother me. I heard the same ambitions which I used to hear when I was in tenth standard i.e Doctor, Engineer, CA. Nobody wanted to start up a company or start up a business because they don’t know that there can be ambitions like that.

So I started explain them about the people who have started something on their own taking the examples of a theatre, a school, a shopping mall, an internet company and a software company. Finally I could able to explain them who is an Entrepreneur and what is Entrepreneurship about.

I took feedback forms for the students to know whether they like the session or not and all of them did like it.17 out of 20 students who initially wanted to become Engineers, Doctors wrote on feedback forms that they want to start software companies, hospitals. I don’t know whether they can start up companies in future but I felt happy as I could able to let them know about Entrepreneurship when they are in tenth class because I came to know about the word "Entrepreneur" when I was in B.Tech 2nd Year.

I ended my session telling them an inspirational story and giving some advice to them. The advice, which I gave them, is the same advice that I give myself i.e “Speak Truth” and “Dream Big”. I believe (superstitious) that there is logic between these two words. I personally believe that when we always speak truth, whatever we speak or think will become true eventually. So if we dream big and speak truth our dreams will also become true eventually since dreaming is a process of thinking.

The reason for which I wrote this blog and the thing which I expect from the people who are reading this blog is that they can take some time and can bring awareness among school children or any age group of people about any topic which they feel that they came to know about it very late.

Monday, May 7, 2007


I am writing this blog keeping in view of Entrepreneurship in India.

Entrepreneurship, a dream word for most of the people.So what it takes to become an Entrepreneur.Simple, an Idea and Implementation.

Just think in a day to how many people you make business.For example, right when you wake up, in order to brush your teeth you need toothpaste.So you are making business to a toothpaste company early in the morning.Was it your intention to make business to a toothpaste company early in the morning?Most probably "NO".You have made that because it was your requirement, a requirement to brush your teeth unless otherwise people cannot tolerate you beacuse of your bad breath.So if you are searching for an Idea, search for a requirement.If your Idea is a requirement to the people,however common or out of box it could be,then your idea sells.

After getting an Idea next thing is the Implementation.This is one of the most toughest thing in Entrereneurship(the most toughest, is getting an Idea).Here there will be a true test of your Passion,Fire and Character to become an Entrepreneur.Many people even after having good Ideas dont implement them.The reasons for that could be Money, but even if they have money they consider it as risk and some people have fear of Failure for not implementing them.The worst of the above reasons is Fear of Failure.Even the MBA graduates from good Management institutes have the same reason i.e Fear of Failure for not implementing Ideas.This is because people always want success,they always want to be noticed by other people.Mind that Entrepreneurship is not an Entrance Exam, if you are thru then you are successful.Its a Journey to find a new route,a new way where other people( along with you) can walk without any problems.
Have you ever said to yourselves that "I Love Losing".Many of you did not and if you cannot then you can never become an Entrepreneur.The primary trait for an Entrepreneur is that he should love losing, he sholud love failures because while implementing an Idea even a small problem makes you think twice whether this Idea clicks or not.So here if you are ready for failures then you will implement the Idea no matter how big those problems could be.

After having a good Idea and perfect implementation, your product is completed.But still you are incomplete as an Entrepreneur without Marketing.You need to know for which People your product is a requirement.You cannot sell a cricket bat to a Dhobiwala for washing clothes.You need to approach the right customer.Anyways, once you are done with Idea and Implementation your Job is almost done as an
entrepreneur and for Marketing, you only need to have extra patience until your product gets noticed by right people.

So after completion of Idea,Implementation and Marketing then comes Success or Failure.This is actually decided by customers but a Successful Entrepreneur is the one who is always ready for Failures.

Finally, I dont know whether IIM(Indian Institutes of Management) makes Entrepreneurs or not but surely IIM(Idea,Implementation,Marketing) does.